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Cline Pointe Professional Building

Great Amenities!

New Construction by WR Hanson, Inc., Kirkland, WA. 


Very detailed with exceptional features, including: 


Security: A modern Access Control Card reader outside of each entrance will provide for keyless entry and access management with time log. The two front doors are set up for electric locks at specific times.

Top notch security.

Access Control in private staircase and CCTV (cameras) in garage and outside of building will consist of  (8) BW high-resolution cameras strategically located for optimum coverage. All video signals are processed and displayed on video monitor. Time lapse VCR or Digital Video Recorder will provide for storage of video material.


Access Control for garage (general parking) will utilize special garage door openers for management with time log.

Location! Location!

Sign plan includes strategically placed signage on the building and a very visible backlit exposure on the roadside monument.


Outstanding Mukilteo Location.

You are less than 2 blocks from the Mukilteo Speedway at the gateway to Harbour Pointe and a short distance from the 1-5 corridor for easy access.

Covered/Surfaced Parking 5/1000

Lease Type:  NNN

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